We offer varying forms of consultancy, we have the basic consulting where we can provide additional development resource or training. Then we have what we like to call in-sourcing, where rather than doing an isolated task, we work on site alongside your development team to not only act as a development/project resource but also to share knowledge as we go.

We find most of our clients find it more cost effective and productive to have the latter approach to give developers hands on training with newer technologies and practices within the context of the existing business, as well as getting business critical work done at the same time.

This can be seen as both training and development resourcing rolled into one, and it can save you money and improve your teams productivity and skill set while allowing you to see day to day improvements and discuss other aspects of improvement throughout the business.

Here are some benefits of working with us

Work Smart Not Hard

Part of the problem with technology moving so rapidly is trying to support your target audience. Consumers of your system could be users on a mobile phone or pc, a web server consuming a feed or even an internal message bus. Be it technical or logical in nature we can help you reuse as much of your existing business processes and logic while targeting as many clients/consumers as possible, allowing you to get more done with less effort.

Intelligent Build Processes

Looking to improve your existing build process, or want advice on how to achieve continuous integration? Look no further, we provide training and hands-on help with setting up the best build pipeline for you, giving improved confidence in releases and bug tracking as well as decreased time market with projects. We have plenty of experience with tools such as Youtrack, Teamcity, Bamboo, Jira, Go, Jekins and many more.

Increased Knowledge

It is all well and good getting some isolated bit of work done without having any impact on your team, however what if that impact could have a positive outcome? We prefer to work alongside the clients teams wherever possible, allowing us to share knowledge on every step of development, from inception to testing. This knowledge then stays with your team allowing them to continue with the right skills and tools to do the best job they can.

Performance & Scaling

All applications can start off fast but then become slow over time, be it memory leaks, bottlenecks, network latency. We can help look at your systems at both a high and low level to see how the business are using the system and how the code performs and how the entire system performs. This allows you to see where your application can be sped up, be it by changing code to be more efficient or adopting horizontal scaling for services to support more throughput.